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Recycled Inner Core

Speed 2 / Glide 4 / Turn -0.5 / Fade 0
Recycled Inner Core Recycled (blau) 166g
Recycled (blau) 166g
Lager 15 Stück
CHF 23.90


Trash Panda was born with one goal in mind: to grow the sport sustainably.


From our humble garage beginning, we set out with a lofty goal in mind. After 2+ years of R&D and a catalog of YouTube videos chronicling our process, we accomplished that goal in November ‘22 by releasing the world’s first disc made from 100% recycled plastic: The Inner Core.

Now - after growing a community on Youtube, partnering with some of the raddest brands in our sport, and bringing recycled discs to the world - we can confidently say: this is only the beginning!

The Inner Core is a premium putter made from 100% recycled plastic—the first of its kind. It flies dead straight with a ton of glide (like a toooon) and is great for tight tunnel shots through the woods and reliable approach shots. Made for disc golfers of all skill levels, the Inner Core is good for your game, and great for the planet.